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Our solutions for your company

Oils and lubricants

We represent the American multinational Axel Royal LLC., A world leader in the production and sale of oils, lubricants and greases. We make a decisive contribution to the successes in the South  America, bringing in new customers and managing local sales and training activities for current customers.  

industrial engineering

We propose an intelligent model of expanding the business of mechanical engineering companies. In this way the company is able to maintain control and grow organically, leaving us the management of Operations at the local level.


Architecture & Interior Design

Le.All.Fer srl is an Italian company with thirty years of experience in the design and production of high quality products for the home. We proudly work for them in the process of expanding to Europe, Southeast Asia and America.  

Food & Beverages

Although engineering is our strength, we are very active in working closely with companies in the food sector. The market is highly competitive and it is extremely important to find the right partner, so that products can be positioned in the correct segment. Specifically, Asia offers many opportunities.

IT & Innovation

We are very motivated to undertake new projects, which are interesting and innovative. Thanks to our team of experts and our partners around the world, we are changing the way we do business. We invite you to take a look at some of our newest creatures:

ELITALY : A new way to promote Italian excellence and your business around the world.

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