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The revolution in International Business

Our Vision
Technology has made the world global. Time will make PEOPLE global.

Our Mission
Create a revolutionary approach to how to do business globally the wayEASY and ACCESSIBLE.

Our Values
We believe that every company can expand its business, taking advantage of the technology available, optimizing the use of its resources.

Our history
NDV International has its roots in 2011 in Italy, by the engineerAndrew DeVizio.
Nowadays, NDV International is a solid company, with a clear strategy, signed large contracts with many companies, especially in the United States and Europe. It currently employs 8 people and has many partners around the world.
A high professional value and strong ethical values are the strong foundations of NDV International, ensuring that our clients are satisfied with what we offer and enjoy working with us.

Technology and much more
Today we are a reality with a lot of experienceAndnza in the voto electronic, both for governments and for companies, Venture Capital and Startup Accelerators, e-commerce and web platforms for professionals and businesses.
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