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Wine Bottles

NDV Trading

The problem

When a company decides to participate in an offer process, it is always a time-consuming activity with no short-term results and highly risky.



Our proposal

We recommend that you entrust us with the entire offer preparation and offer management, so that we take all the work and do not take unnecessary risks. Furthermore, we are experts in what we do.



What you get

You will save enough, not having employees who will only be assigned to tenders.


The sectors of intervention

We are very active in the food and new technologies sector, especially for the development of commercial channels in Asia and Latin America.


The real Made in Italy

The revolution of Made in Italy ice cream, easy to prepare and to taste.

Gelato4ever is an Italian company based on Gelato
100% Italian, natural, gluten-free, in convenient bricks. 
Now it is a reality not only in Italy but also abroad.

Italian pinsa in the world

Creation of an industrial process for the production of the Italian grip

On The Rope Lab  produces Italian pinsa at an industrial level, for gourmet palates and with a highly efficient production process.

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