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Discover the services offered by NDV International and our program 'NDV Affiliate Marketing Program'.
Tell your friends by passing them your personal purchase link: you will earn cash commissions for every purchase made thanks to your  link!
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Click on the service you are looking for among all those offered by NDV International and its ventures!

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From your  ProTip Card, to the Pro CV up to personalized professional Coaching programs designed for you and your company!

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Prepare your trip to Italy with us, risk-free and discovering the best of this wonderful country!

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Do you want a website, a logo or a Digital Marketing Manger to manage your ' social' campaigns   that are aligned with your strategy? We have what you need!

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Talk about our services to your friends and acquaintances of NDV International's services


Your friends join NDV International and get a 10% discount on all services


YOU automatically earn 10% on their first purchase up to a total of EUR 100

Frequent questions

What is an Affiliate Program?
The NDV International Affiliate Program allows you to advertise the services offered by NDV International Srls and its associates and, in return, to receive a cash commission. Once you have registered, we will make advertising tools available to you such as links for advertising purposes. In this way you will give your site visitors the opportunity to connect to the website and make purchases directly in our shop and we will pay you a commission of up to 10% of the net taxable amount of all products purchased on through the links placed on your site.

How does an Affiliate Program work?

Whenever a visitor accesses the website through the link you have provided and places an order, we will pay you a commission, equal to a percentage of the corresponding order placed.

Does the link to be sent to the affiliates expire?

Yes. The link has a duration of 3 months. After this date, the link, called Cookie, no longer carries commissions. You will need to contact us to activate a new one.

Is the Affiliate Program free?

Yes. Participation in the NDV International Affiliate Program is completely free and secure. There is no minimum duration or registration fee. Furthermore, you can suspend the affiliation at any time.

How can I register?

After reading and accepting the conditions of participation, you can easily proceed with the online registration, following the instructions.

For any clarification, please write to:

How can I be sure and track my fees?

NDV International uses GoAffPro as the provider of its affiliate program. Upon registration, you will be able to view a control dashboard, where all payments and the status of each order will be highlighted.

What do I do if I have forgotten the password and the login ID code for the Affiliate Account?
It's not a problem. Click on "I forgot my password" on the login page and follow the instructions. 

For any clarification, please write to:

Who can I contact for further information?
For any clarification, please write to:

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