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Are you a manager and do you represent more than one company? With the ProTip Premium you will have the right to associate  up to 5 e-mail accounts  in complete automation!

ProTip Card - Premium

  • The ProTip Card Premium allows you to have a business card that you can modify as you  like.

    The ProTip team will assign you a QR code just for you, which you will not be able to modify, because it is linked to your identifier automatically generated by the system. 

    The QR code can be shared by scanning on all compatible devices. 

    In addition, you can also enter your  LinkedIn profile link, to have an additional networking channel. 

    Also, there will be no ProTip Ads. 

    If you have more than one profile, each of them must be created with a different e-mail address, since  the combination of the ProTip Card is necessarily linked to a single e-mail address.  

    For any information:

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