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Startup Consulting

The Opportunity

Technologies offer many ways to start new business. Hoever, it often happens that enthusiasm lasts not that much, as it is not an easy task to convert ideas into business. As result, many of these ideas remain unexplored and are slowly abandoned, without having being shared or tested.

Our Value Proposition 

We put our effort in understanding your ideas and give you feedback. We usually present you a detailed report, based on our understanding, which includes all actions that you should undertake, based on our experience.  

Clear Deliverables 

After our analysis, you decide if you want to delegate to us those activities in which we can support you: it's completely up to you to decide the terms, the time and decide how you want us to work together.

What you get 

You get a different perspective and our professional advice on your idea. Based on that, you can also compare if it is convenient for you to work with us. 

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